Watch some Videos

UltraPlayer supports the playback of video files in the following formats: Windows Media Video (.asf, .asx, .wmv, .wax), MPEG Video (.mpg, .mpeg), and AVI Video (.avi).

Simply add these files to your playlist and play them as you would play audio files. UltraPlayer takes care of the rest.

If the visuals window in UltraPlayer seems a little too small for your videos, you can have them play in an external window. To have your videos play outside of the UltraPlayer in a sizable window, simply select the "Play video in external window" option in the Options screen. The window will open whenever you play a video file (or stream) and will close when the video is finished.

When you play video files, additional playback options are available when you right-click on the playing video. This "context menu" gives you options to control the playback of the video (Play, Pause, Rewind, etc.), play the video in Full Screen Mode, Zoom in on a video, or find out additional information about the video file.

UltraPlayer is also capable of playing streaming video content from the Internet. If you have UltraPlayer enabled to play these video formats by default, it will open and begin playing the content when you click on a link to a video file on a web page. Unfortunately, licensing restrictions prevent us from allowing you to record video content from the Internet.




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