Visualization Modules

Just like the light and laser shows that accompany your standard rock concert or rave, UltraPlayer provides Visualization Modules to enhance your listening experience.

Visualization Modules (or “Vis Modules” for short) are a type of Plugin. You can think of plugins as accessories that add functionality to the UltraPlayer program. Vis Modules are sound-sensitive displays that accompany music to provide a visual element to the audio.

To get you started UltraPlayer includes several Vis Modules. To access these, switch to the Visualization screen (by pressing the Visuals button). While you are playing songs the Vis Module will pulse, change color, and move in time with your music. To switch between Vis Modules double-click with your left mouse button in the video display.

There are several preferences for your Vis Modules that can be customized. The best way to learn about these is to experiment with them from the Options screen. Press the Options button, then press the Settings button. Now, switch to the Visualizers tab. When you do this, UltraPlayer will open the Visualization screen so you can adjust the Vis settings and see the results immediately. For more information about these settings, go to the Visualizers section in the UltraPlayer Options description.

New Vis Modules are regularly available for download from the UltraPlayer website. To see the Vis Modules that are available for download right now, go to the Plugin Archive. To add new Vis Modules:

  1. Download the Vis Module packet from our website.
  2. If you have it open, close UltraPlayer.
  3. Find the file that you downloaded to your hard drive.
  4. Double-click that file.
  5. The Vis Module Installation will prompt you to specify a location to install the Vis Module. If you originally installed UltraPlayer in the default location, simply press FINISH and your new UltraSkin will be installed to "C:\Program Files\UltraPlayer\Plugins\Vis". If you changed the installation path during initial UltraPlayer installation, enter your alternate path in the "Installation Folder" box. For example, if you installed UltraPlayer to "C:\MyPlayer", you should enter "C:\MyPlayer\Plugins\Vis" in this box. Then press the FINISH button.
  6. The new Vis Module will be installed and when the process is complete, a box will open informing you that the installation was successful.
  7. Open UltraPlayer, play some music, go to the Visualization Screen, and cycle through your installed Vis Modules by double-left-clicking until you see your new Vis.

UltraPlayer can also display Vis Modules on your full monitor screen. This Full Screen Vis Mode can be instantly accessed from anywhere within UltraPlayer by pressing “F” on your keyboard. You can also double-right-click on the Visualization screen to open the Full Screen Vis Mode.

While in Full Screen Vis Mode, you can control your audio playback using the Hot Keys that were explained previously. Double-left-click with your mouse to switch Vis Modules. Right-click once with your mouse to switch back to normal display mode. You can also press the ESC, ENTER, or SPACEBAR keys on your keyboard to return to normal display mode.




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