One of the most exciting features of UltraPlayer is its infinitely adjustable interface. UltraPlayer comes pre-loaded with several "skins". These UltraSkins run the gamut from purely functional to totally fanciful. It is even possible to create your own UltraSkin.

To switch between installed skins double-click your right mouse button anywhere in the application.

When you switch skins, the UltraPlayer pieces will "fly" away and then back from different parts of your screen.

New UltraSkins are regularly available for download from the UltraPlayer website. To see the UltraSkins that are available for download right now, go to the UltraSkin Archive. To add new UltraSkins:

  1. Download the UltraSkin packet from our website.
  2. If you have it open, close UltraPlayer.
  3. Find the file that you downloaded to your hard drive.
  4. Double-click that file.
  5. The UltraSkin Installation will prompt you to specify a location to install the UltraSkin. If you originally installed UltraPlayer in the default location, simply press FINISH and your new UltraSkin will be installed to "C:\Program Files\UltraPlayer\Skins". If you changed the installation path during initial UltraPlayer installation, enter your alternate path in the "Installation Folder" box. For example, if you installed UltraPlayer to "C:\MyPlayer", you should enter "C:\MyPlayer\Skins" in this box. Then press the FINISH button.
  6. The new UltraSkin will be installed and when the process is complete, a box will open informing you that the installation was successful.
  7. Open UltraPlayer and cycle through your installed UltraSkins by double-right-clicking on the frame around the video display.

You can listen to an Instant Audio Support explanation that will walk you through downloading and installing a new UltraSkin. To see a list of all of the available audio walkthroughs, go to Instant Audio Support.

To get information about building your own UltraSkins, visit our Skin Developers section.




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