Streaming Audio

In addition to playing audio files from your hard drive and CD-ROM, UltraPlayer also allows you to tune in to Internet radio broadcasts. For more information on Internet Audio Streams go to the Internet Audio Streams section in our Digital Audio Primer.

The simplest way to access an Internet radio broadcast is to search the Internet for Streaming MP3 Broadcasts. When you find one that you would like to hear, click on the "Tune In" link.

At this point your Internet browser may prompt you to "Open the file" or "Save it to disk".

Select "Open the file" and UltraPlayer will open and begin playing the broadcast.

If your browser opens a different program to play the Internet radio broadcast and you would like UltraPlayer to be the default player for Internet Audio Streams, you can update this option in the Options Screen. For more information about updating file associations see the File Types tab section in the UltraPlayer Options description.

If you already know the address (URL) of a Streaming MP3 Broadcast that you would like to hear, you can tune UltraPlayer into it immediately by pressing the ADD button and selecting "URL (Radio Station)...".

This will open a window that allows you to type the Internet address of the broadcast. After you have typed in the whole address press OK.

UltraPlayer will add the URL to your playlist, open your Internet connection, and access the broadcast server to begin playing the broadcast.

Another way to find Internet Audio Streams is to press the Tuner button. This will open a web page with links to some of our favorite Internet Radio servers. For more information about UltraPlayer's quick links to the Internet, go to Tuning-in and Searching on the Internet.

It is also possible to "record" Internet Audio Streams that are broadcast in MP3 format. This feature is useful if you want to be able to listen to a stream later without being connected to the Internet. Simply turn on the option for "Save streams to MP3 file" on the Streaming tab in the Options/Settings box and specify a file name for the "Saved file". The "play icon" in the UltraPlayer Status Display will turn into a red "REC" when you are recording a stream. For more information about the options for recording Internet Audio Streams, see the Streaming tab section in the UltraPlayer Options description.




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