Tuning-in and Searching on the Internet

UltraPlayer offers a couple of features to help you find and listen to audio from the Internet.

You can use the Tuner button to access a web page with quick links to Internet Radio servers. Once you have connected to the Internet and found a station that you would like to hear, click the "Tune-in" or "Listen" link that you see next to its description. If you are prompted to "Open" or "Save" the file, select "Open". UltraPlayer will then start playing the station's Audio Stream. For more information about playing streams with UltraPlayer, go to Streaming Audio.

If you'd like to search for downloadable songs on the Internet, use our Search page. Press the OPTIONS button, then SEARCH, to access the Search page. On this web page, you will see links to several Search Engines and downloadable MP3 file providers. For help downloading files from the Internet, see How to Download in our Digital Audio Primer.




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