Convert MP3 Files to WAV Format (Save as WAV)

Besides playing your songs cleanly and efficiently, UltraPlayer's decoder can be used to convert MP3 files to WAV format. Since WAV files can be easily edited, normalized, and burned to CDs, this is a very useful feature.

To save MP3 files to WAV format with UltraPlayer:

  1. Add the MP3 file that you want to save as a WAV file to the UltraPlayer playlist.
  2. Right-click on the file with your mouse and a context menu will open.
  3. Select Save as WAV file.

  4. In the "Save file as WAV" box, select where you would like the WAV file to be saved and what you would like it to be called and press SAVE.

  5. When the "Saving WAV File" progress bar reaches 100%, your WAV file has been created.

This conversion process does not affect the original MP3 file at all. The WAV file is saved as a new file.

To save multiple MP3 files to WAV format in one batch, highlight multiple MP3 files in the playlist, and follow the steps above to convert them to WAV. All of the highlighted songs will be converted.

To highlight multiple MP3 files in the playlist, highlight one, hold down the Shift key on your keyboard, and then click on the last song in the group that you want to convert. All of the songs in the group will now be highlighted. To be more selective, you can highlight several songs all over your playlist by holding down the Control (Ctrl) key on your keyboard as you highlight the songs. All of the new WAV files will be saved to the directory that you select for the first one in the "Save file as WAV" box. By default, the new WAV files will have the same name as the source MP3 files with ".wav" extensions.




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