Play Some Music

Currently, UltraPlayer supports the playback of audio files in the following formats: MP3, WMA, MP2, MP1, WAV, CDA, MIDI, and AIFF. This allows you to listen to files in a range of formats from your hard drive and play standard CDs.

The audio transport buttons control all music playback. These buttons are usually available in both UltraPlayer's Maximum and Minimum modes.

When you add songs to your playlist using the ADD or LOAD buttons the songs will begin to play automatically. If you added your songs by dragging and dropping them, you can press PLAY to start the playback.

The currently playing song can be easily identified by its differently colored text. This identifier is completely separate from the highlight bar that you use to select songs to move or remove from the playlist.

To play a song, highlight it and press the PLAY button. You can also double-click on any song in the playlist to play it.

To pause the playback of a song, press PAUSE. You can resume playback by pressing PLAY or by pressing PAUSE again.

To stop the audio playback, press STOP.

To skip to a song previous to the one that is playing, use the PREV button.

To skip to a song after the one that is currently playing, use the NEXT button.

You can skip forwards or backwards in the currently playing song using the Position Control. Simply grab the position marker and move it forward or backward to fast forward or rewind.

The volume of your audio can be controlled using the Volume Control. On UltraPlayer's default skin ("Derailer"), the Volume Control is a knob. The volume can be adjusted by "turning" this knob with your mouse pointer. The knob rotates just like the volume control on your stereo. Keep this analogy in mind as you use the Volume Control. Click on the Volume Control and move your mouse pointer in a circular motion to increase or decrease the volume. When you adjust this control, you will hear the change immediately.

Adjust the left/right balance of your audio with the Balance Control. The Balance Control on the default UltraPlayer skin is a knob that is moved like the Volume Control. To return the balance to the center, double-click on the Balance Control.

To instantly mute the audio playback, press the MUTE button.

By default UltraPlayer will play through your playlist one time in order and then stop. If you would like your playlist to repeat over and over until you stop it, enable the Continuous Play Mode by pressing the REP (Repeat) button. If you would like to randomly play through the songs in your playlist one time, enable Random Play Mode by pressing the SHUFL (Shuffle) button. To play through all of the songs in your playlist continuously and randomly, press both buttons.




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