Organize the Audio Files on Your Computer

If you have ever wanted to create your own albums, or if you just want to make it easier to find and play your songs, UltraPlayer can help.

Once you have created a playlist of songs in the Playlist screen, you can save it so that it is easily accessible in the future. All you have to do is organize the songs as you like, and then press the SAVE button.

Give the playlist a name and press SAVE. The playlist is saved as a file with the extension ".m3u".

There are two ways to access these "albums" in the future. If you would like to add a custom album to the songs that are already in your current playlist, press ADD and select "Playlist..."

Then find the custom playlist that you would like to add, highlight it, and press OPEN.

The playlist will be added to the end of your current list of songs.

If you would like to replace the contents of your current playlist with one of your saved playlists, press LOAD.

Then find the custom playlist and press OPEN.

Your current list of songs will be cleared and this playlist will take its place.




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