Control UltraPlayer with Keyboard Hot Keys

To simplify the use of some of the player controls, we have included "Hot Key" support in UltraPlayer. The keyboard keys and the UltraPlayer functions they control are:

  • "P" = PLAY
  • "S" = STOP
  • "O" = Switch to Options Screen
  • "V" = Switch to Visualization Screen
  • "L" = Switch to Playlist Screen
  • "E" = Switch to Equalizer Screen
  • Left Arrow/Right Arrow = PREV/NEXT (song)
  • Up Arrow/Down Arrow = Increase/Decrease Volume
  • "F" = Full Screen Visualization Mode (press "V" to switch back to Normal Mode)
  • "Page Up"/"Page Down" = Scroll Up/Down through the Playlist one page at a time
  • "Home"/"End" = Jump to Top or Bottom of Playlist
  • "Delete" = Removes highlighted song(s)

Remember that UltraPlayer must be in "focus" for the Hot Keys to work. To get UltraPlayer in focus, click once with your left mouse button somewhere on UltraPlayer.




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