Optimize your Audio with the Equalizer

Like your stereo, UltraPlayer includes a Graphic Equalizer so that you can optimize the quality of your audio playback. The Equalizer allows you to adjust the response of certain audio frequencies. By default the Equalizer is not enabled.

To use the Equalizer, press the Equalize button. This will open the Equalizer screen.

To toggle the Equalizer on and off click the Enable button.

UltraPlayer comes with several presets that are designed to optimize the playback of certain music types (Rock, Jazz, Classical, etc.). To switch between presets, use the left and right arrow buttons located on either side of the Presets box.

Each slider on this screen controls the response of a certain frequency. To change that response, move the Slider up or down. To return a slider to the middle of its range, double-click on it.

If you would like to ensure that you have a smooth frequency response you can link the sliders so that they create more natural sounding curves. To toggle this feature on and off click the Link button. Now when you move a slider, the other sliders around it will move as well, creating a frequency response curve.

The Invert button allows you to reverse your equalizer settings.




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