Digital Signal Processor (DSP) Plugins

If you've ever seen an audiophile's stereo setup, you'll know that there are a ridiculously large number and variety of effects boxes, equalizers, pitch shifters, beat analyzers, and other toys that can be used to tweak the audio output from a simple stereo.

Not to be outdone, UltraPlayer includes support for the computer version of those boxes... Digital Signal Processors. Digital Signal Processors (DSPs) are plugins that allow you to affect the simple audio output from UltraPlayer in a variety of ways. There are surround sound emulators and echo effects and reverb units and phase shifters and beat-matchers and a whole host of other DSPs available.

UltraPlayer ships with one DSP to whet your appetite. To enable it:

  1. Go to the Options Screen (by pressing the Options button).
  2. Press the Settings button.
  3. On the DSP Plugins tab, select "Ultra DSP Simple Echo" in the "Select DSP Effect Plugin" dropdown box.
  4. Put a check mark in the "Enable DSP Plugins" box.
  5. Press the Configure button to tweak the DSP settings. You should hear the DSP's echo effect on your audio in a few seconds.

For more information about the DSP Plugins settings, go to the DSP Plugins section in the UltraPlayer Options description.




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