Instant Audio Support

Click on any of the links below to launch an audio stream that will walk you through using one of UltraPlayer's features.

When you click on an Instant Audio Support link, your Internet browser may prompt you to "Open the file" or "Save it to disk". Select "Open the file" and UltraPlayer will open and you will hear instructions that you can follow in UltraPlayer while you listen.

If you like, you can pause the audio at any point by pressing the Pause button. To resume the audio, press the Pause button again. To start the audio from the beginning, press the Prev button.

Download? If you'd like to download any of the Instant Audio Support files, click on the "Download this file" link to the right of the topic name. Note: If you do download any of these files, make sure to check back frequently for updates, as this content is updated frequently.

Using UltraPlayer





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