The UltraPlayer SmartAlarm

Planning to take a quick nap under your desk? Do you want to make sure that you don't forget your 2:00 pm meeting? Have you ever wanted to be able to listen to music as you fall asleep without worrying about waking up four hours later to the obnoxious Melvins' tune you accidentally recorded at the end of your ambient mix tape?

If any of these scenarios sound appealing, we've got a treat for you. You can use UltraPlayer just like your bedside radio/alarm clock. The UltraPlayer SmartAlarm features allow you to:

  • Set UltraPlayer to start playing at a certain time to wake you up, alert you about appointments, etc.
  • Configure UltraPlayer to shut itself off after a certain amount of time
  • Enable UltraPlayer to gradually decrease the volume of your audio over a certain amount of time

To set up your UltraPlayer SmartAlarm, click on the Options button. On the Options menu, select Alarm to open the SmartAlarm box.

You can set the SmartAlarm to start playing at a certain time using the "Alarm Mode" controls. Use the "Sleep Mode" settings to configure UltraPlayer to shut itself off after a specified amount of time. For more information about these settings, go to the Alarm section in the UltraPlayer Options description.

In "Alarm Mode", UltraPlayer will start playing the contents of your playlist at the specified time. If you want an Internet Radio Station to start playing when the alarm goes off, add the URL to your playlist. Otherwise, put some songs from your hard drive or a CD in your playlist. If there are no songs in your playlist when the alarm goes off, nothing will happen. We can't do everything for you, you know.

In "Sleep Mode", UltraPlayer will shut itself off after playing for the number of minutes you specify. You can configure this so that the sound abruptly stops or gradually fades. This feature offers a great way to listen to music while you go to sleep and assure that you are not awakened later by a loud song or by the sudden end of the music. The countdown to shut off begins as soon as you press OK on the Alarm Clock box.

Both of these features disable themselves after they have started or stopped UltraPlayer once. You will have to re-enable them each time you want to use them.

Note - You must leave the UltraPlayer application open for the SmartAlarm features to work. If you close UltraPlayer, the alarm settings will be disabled.




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