Add Songs to the Playlist

You can listen to an Instant Audio Support walkthrough that will explain how to add an MP3 or WAV file to your playlist. You can also download this audio file. To see a list of all of the available audio walkthroughs, go to Instant Audio Support.

Before you can start listening to music you need some songs in your playlist. Go to the Playlist screen. The buttons inside the Playlist video display (usually along the top or bottom) will assist you in adding and removing songs in your playlist.

Use the ADD button to add Files, Playlists, URLs (addresses for Internet Audio Streams), and CD Audio Tracks to your playlist. When you press ADD, a menu will appear that allows you to choose one of these types. If you select "Files..." or "Playlist..." a window will open that allows you to navigate around your hard drive to select songs or playlists. Highlight the one(s) you want, press OPEN, and your selection is added to your playlist. When you select "URL (Radio Station)..." a box will open in which you can type the Internet address of an Internet Audio Stream. For more information on Streaming Audio go to Streaming Audio. When you select "CD Audio Tracks", another menu will appear listing all of the CD drives attached to your computer. Select a CD drive, and the CD tracks from the CD in that drive will be added to your playlist.

For example, to add an MP3 file to your playlist:

  • Press the ADD button.
  • Select "Files..."
  • Use the "Add Audio Files to Playlist" screen to find the file that you would like to add.
  • Then, highlight the song and press OPEN.
  • The song will be added to your playlist.


You can drag and drop songs or folders of songs onto UltraPlayer. To do this:

  • Open Windows Explorer and highlight a song or folder from your hard drive.
  • Then grab it by clicking on the file and holding your mouse button down.
  • With your mouse button down, you can drag the file to UltraPlayer.
  • Drop it by releasing your mouse button.
  • The highlighted song is now in your playlist.

When you drag and drop a folder onto UltraPlayer, all of the songs from that folder (and any folders imbedded in that folder) will be added to your playlist.

If you want to play songs from a CD, treat them just like files on your hard disk. When you go through the steps listed above, navigate to your CD-ROM drive and select the tracks from the CD that you would like to play. They will be added to your playlist.

Use the "CD Audio Tracks" option on the Add menu to add all of the tracks from a CD to your playlist.

UltraPlayer can also be set up to automatically play audio CDs when they are inserted into your CD-ROM drive. For more information about this feature, see the General tab section in the UltraPlayer Options.

What can you do if you want to delete a song from your playlist? No problem, highlight the song and press the REMOVE button. The song is only removed from your playlist. If you change your mind later, you can add it from your hard drive again.

If you want to remove several songs at once, you can do so by highlighting multiple songs and pressing REMOVE. To remove several songs in a group: highlight one, hold down the Shift key on your keyboard, and then click on the last song in the group that you want to remove. All of the songs in the group will now be highlighted. Press REMOVE and they will all be removed. To be more selective, you can highlight several songs all over your playlist by holding down the Control (Ctrl) key on your keyboard as you highlight the songs. When you have highlighted all that you want to remove, press the REMOVE button.

You can also press the CLEAR button to remove all of the songs in your playlist. Again, the songs are still on your hard drive if you want to add them later.

Later we’ll talk about organizing the songs on your hard drive using saved playlists. If you already have a saved playlist, you can press LOAD to select and add it to your current playlist. If you want to create one from the current playlist, press SAVE and give it a name. For more information about playlists, go to Organize the Audio Files on Your Computer.

What can you do if you are not happy with the song order? In UltraPlayer, you can grab a song in your playlist (by clicking on it with your mouse and holding the left mouse button down) and drag it to another location. When you grab the song, your mouse pointer will become a Move Icon. Position this icon at the new location and release your mouse button to drop the song there.

If your playlist has more songs than will fit in the video display at one time use the Scroll Bar Controls at the right side of the window to scroll through your playlist. You can move up or down in the list one song at a time by pressing the Up or Down scroll bar arrows. You can jump instantly to another part of the playlist by clicking anywhere in the space between the arrows, or you can grab the slider and pull it to the desired point in the playlist.




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