So you want to be an UltraPlayer?

You made it here thirsting for a drink of fresh, cool audio nectar. Sit back and get ready to sip our juicy new UltraPlayer Software.

Click for full size preview.


UltraPlayer House Rules:

  • You have to download it to play (obviously).
  • Put your money away, the UltraPlayer Audio Software is FREE.
  • Play your MP3s, Videos, WAVs, WMAs, CDs, and CD-Audio files with our spankin' hot software...
    or live in regret throughout eternity.
  • Enjoy our Deeply-Dynamic UltraSkins™, with plasmatic, dual-mode flexibility...
    then contemplate the meaning of "plasmatic".
  • Tune and record MP3 Internet Radio Streams until your hard-drive pukes.
  • Drag and drop those files or folders full of music directly on to UltraPlayer.
  • Plug in all the latest DSP's and enjoy an enhanced listening experience.
  • Save your MP3s as .WAV files with a single click.
  • Wake or snooze to your favorite songs with the SmartAlarm auto-volume control,
    but we're not responsible if your boss catches you dreaming under the desk.
  • Zone-out to the mind-bending visualization plugins... who needs controlled substances?
  • Clean up your MP3 collection with our ID3 tag editor.
  • Milk your computer for all it's worth using our screaming fast Neutrino™ Audio Decoder.
  • Visit this site every day to get updates, skins, plug-ins, etc.
  • Talk about UltraPlayer until people tell you to shut up...
    then talk some more.


System Requirements:
  • Win95/98; WinNT / 2000 (IE 4.x or higher required for WinNT)
  • Pentium 90mhz +
  • 32MB RAM
  • 16-Bit Color or higher (recommended)
  • Sound Card



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