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Name- Mojo Author- Kentium Date Posted  
Kentium returns with this cool new skin! You gotta check this one out. 9/21/03  
Name- Digital Monk Author- Nucleo Date Posted  
Another cool skin from our friend Nucleo. This guy is good. 6/15/03  
Name- Nexus 3 Author- Nucleo Date Posted  
This is the coolest skin we've seen in a long time. Great textures, intuitive interface and awesome 3-D look. Special thanks to Nucleo for this fantastic skin ! 5/15/02  
Name- Harry Potter Author- KatDrake Date Posted  
Harry Potter in all his UltraPlayer listening glory! Gotta love this great skin from our newest skinner KatDrake. A MUST HAVE! 11/15/01  
Name- Ablaze Author- Paul Murphy Date Posted  
Ablaze is large and in charge. Use it on the days when you just don't want to have to squint to see your UltraPlayer. Also, Ablaze features a super-nifty transparent area above the marquee. Check out the full size preview to see it in its full glory. Fire it up! 03/05/01  
Name- NxT-1 Author- Kentium Date Posted  
It is the NxT-1. 10/24/00  
Name- Deque Author- Kentium Date Posted  
Mini. Home. Theatre. 10/06/00  
Name- WSXtreme Author- BlueJay Date Posted  
Excellent! I'm speechless. (p.s. - Nice number fonts!).
Alternate Version- TV window pops up.
Name- Dragonfly Author- Kentium Date Posted  
Wood, bamboo, and bugs...oh my! 09/21/00  
Name- Jamectomy Author- Kentium Date Posted  
Nice metallic skin with nifty volume and balance controls.

And now, a skit inspired by this skin...
Doctor: "Scalpel please."
<The nurse hands him the scalpel>
Nurse: "Slice and dice, doctor."

Name- Regal Author- Jumbles Date Posted  
Regal UP skin for Jumbles' Regal desktop theme. Nice! 09/08/00  
Name- GarGoth Author- Kentium Date Posted  
Gothic skin with stone gargoyle.
Hint- Progress indicator is the clock.
Name- Minamalizm Author- BlueJay Date Posted  
Tight! Another Home Run from Blue Jay. 08/28/00  
Name- Patina Author- Kentium Date Posted  
Groovy baby! You'll wanna add this to your collection. 08/14/00  
Name- Cornerstone Author- BlueJay Date Posted  
Animations and corner winshade mode. Looks great with the Blaze vis. 08/11/00  
Name- CoolBlue Author- BlueJay Date Posted  
Very nice skin with winshade mode. 08/02/00  
Name- Mosfet Author- Kentium Date Posted  
Super shiny metal. 06/24/00  
Name- Oberon Author- Stone Griffin Date Posted  
A nice clean skin from new UP skinner Stone Griffin. 07/10/00  
Name- Spectre Author- Kentium Date Posted  
Uhmmm...I think you want this skin. 06/20/00  
Name- Lounge Author- Kentium Date Posted  
"SceneSkin" with animating Lava Lamp. Hints: Transport controls are in the carpet, right hand is the progress control. 03/23/00  
Name- Nectar Author- Kentium Date Posted  
Can you taste the Nectar? Curvy EQ sliders and Playlist window... 02/15/00  
Name- LCDream Author- Kentium Date Posted  
The skin formerly known as PopUp, because the TV window "Pops Up". 02/15/00  
Name- Titanium Author- Kentium Date Posted  
Brushed titanium look. Kentium's first skin! 02/15/00  
Name- Wincognito Author- Kentium Date Posted  
For that slightly more conservative look. Easy to hide from your boss! 02/21/00  
Name- Derailer Author- Kentium Date Posted  
The default UltraPlayer skin.
This skin ships with UltraPlayer!
Name- MKUltra Author- Kentium Date Posted  
LARGE TV window- great for video.
This skin ships with UltraPlayer!
Name- trekplay Author- Trenchrat Date Posted  
A nice adaptation of the Titanium Skin 05/09/00  
Name- SkullDgry Author- Trenchrat Date Posted  
Not for the faint of heart, but cool never-the-less. 04/25/00  

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