UltraPlayer is the best Digital Media Player available today...

But don't take our word for it, here's what our users have to say:


"It's simply the best player I've ever seen, and also one of the best software available on the entire NET! This part is dedicated to all of those who still doubt about ultraplayer...
UltraPlayer :
  • is light, don't crash PC like winamp, don't uses 50% of processors powers like sonique;
  • plays almost any type of media file, and will continue to grow up I'm confident;
  • has very nice skin and visualizer;
  • offers an easy way to create your skin;
  • let's you create playlist like any other player;
  • does streaming like a champ! and even save them as mp3;
  • has a small executable, easy and quick to install, and VERY easy to use!;
  • has great sound quality with the equalizer and his presets;
  • version 2 now supports video file, and when I click on a video file, ultraplayer is already playing it compare to media player 7 which is still loading itself;
  • updates are easy to find, causes no conflicts with previous version;
  • is FREE!
What do you want more??? If you have an answer to this question: wait until version 3.0 and I'm sure you'll have nothing more to say. Thanks you guys at ultraplayer for giving us a software of that quality!"-Sylvain B., Programer/Analyst



"Schlub-a-dub-whoop-a-ka-too!"-Andy F., President of UltraCo

"I have been looking for the best and now I found it. This is the best at all it does. I was a windows media 7 user and thought that nothing could touch it but once I used this Ultra player, Windows media 7 hit the road. Win amp too. Great product all around! Thx for really getting something for free, and better than paying for some thing that don't work no where as good as this. I have purchased audio converters so that I can record CD's from MP3 format to save space and don't even use them no more thx to Ultra player. Keep Kicking Butt!" -Mike V.



"Ah... Finally I've found an MP3 player that makes sense!"-Anthony B.

"Seriously, this is one of the few Windows Players that has the potential to overthrow Winamp." -WareWolf, MP3.com



"I downloaded your ultraplayer, and some skins. even though i'm new to all this technology stuff i found it as easy as falling off a log to install, play and enjoy. Its kept simple which is a bonus for new boys like me... thanx" -craig s.

"I was only wondering what was wrong with you people? I don't understand why you are'nt charging money for this player, it's, simply put, the best iv'e see so far. Better than winamp by far I think. I'd pay for this if I had too, but don't get me wrong ;) I LOVE that it's free!" -~Cyn



"This is by far the finest MP3 player available. The sound quality is totally astounding. I did not realize what I was missing by using WinAmp. It is time to change file associations!" -Tal D., Dayton, OH

"Your player is really tight. Nice work." -Michael Robertson, MP3.com



"I checked out downloads.com and discovered your mp3 player the other day and decided to download it. ITS AWESOME! I have completly switched from Winamp/Sonique to this one." -Blake F.

"This program is by far the best mp3 player that I have ever downloaded and even kicks Winamp's ass. It not only functions great but looks incredibly beautiful. Congrats on such a great program and I hope it only gets better." -Paresh



"Great window player!!! I have almost every mp3 player from winamp to sonique to soritong to kjofol. But this Ultraplayer is great. Good Job! Keep up the good work." -Yeoj

"Ultra player I think beats winamp by far. I have both and I don't even think that they compare! I'm really impressed with the visuals... I think it's all round great!! Keep up the good work!!" -Anonymous



"UltraPlayer is now my default player for all supported types. I've tried about a dozen players and this one is the best. Thanks" -Bob

"I've downloaded Ultraplayer with its hyped Neutrino decoder, also i downloaded Winamp and Sonique.. I used castanets.wav from http://www.sulaco.org/mp3/download/samples/castanets.wav to check these decoders... i used Cool Edit 2000 to run spectrum analyze... Results: Ultraplayer wins-it DIDN'T Ccut off high frequencies as Sonique and Winamp did!!! Really! Y'know i was great Sonique fan and i still beleive it's cool player but for me sound quality is a premiere feature for ANY player! ... you've [UltraPlayer] done really THE BEST SOUNDING player!" -Tenhauser



"There is a new alternative for WinAMP or Sonique … UltraPlayer. It is a very cool player" -Michiel B

"Thanks for the wonderful software. By far the best sound quality I've heard in an MP3 player. …so much fun too!" -Ed E.



"Your player is the only one out there that I've even considered using." -Eric S.

"Its the best by far - it beets them all. … Good Work." -Charlene L.



"Kudos ... thanks for the kick ass player... haven't used Winamp since :)… one very last thing - the lounge skin - coolest skin I've ever seen by far!!" -anonymous

"Love the program, especially as it runs nicely on my P-120 (you might want to say that on your page, yelling 'low CPU usage!' at the top of your voices) and am in the process of bringing my friends over to UP. Thanks!" -Ben



"I just downloaded UltraPlayer and I am BLOWN AWAY! … I downloaded Winamp since it had all the rave reviews. I spent at least a week trying to figure out why. I tried a few other players but none of them seemed any better. This one KICKS ASS! I'll be amazed if UltraPlayer doesn't become the standard against which all other MP3 players are judged…. Different skins really are different - not just re-hashes of the same thing. Limitless creativity!" -Dave E

"I *love* new music toys and am sick of WinAmp's little rectangle box and the chaotic Sonique controls. Your player seems really smooth now...very cool. Thanks. I will be recommending the player to all my friends. nice job" -Ryan C, Cleveland, Ohio



"I am astounded at the quality of your UltraPlayer. It is by far the best MP3 player I have ever used. Thank you for providing it" -PJS, Cincinnati, Ohio

"I really like your player. In a side by side comparison with Winamp, my poor 43 year old ears told me yours sounded better and Wintop told me yours used fewer resources." -Bill H.



"I am just emailing you to tell you how much I enjoy UltraPlayer. The skins are great and I love all the high tech visuals. Keep up the good work. And don’t stop pumping out all the cool ad-ons." -David D.

"I think your mp3 player is the best in the whole world. It is easy to use and free to download." -Carsten from Germany



"Hey people, i just wanna say that the ultraplayer is one of the best players on the net, one of the reasons is that it includes a equalizer, but just when you look at the player, it is cool........ Thanks for making this beutyfull player..........." -Tais C.

"I have downloaded over 46 crappy files and ultra player is the by far better MP3 player..." -snakeman65



"Thanx for the ultimate player, it really rocks, the visuals are the best, the skins are the kewlest, hope to see more in the future!" -Revrend18102

"This player just kicks ASS! I use to be a Sonique fan, and i always used them because i skinned for their player and all that, but this player just seems so much better with the ripper and s**t... And because this is the first version, i must say this player has the most potential of them all." -NiGaL



"It's a welcome change from Sonique's patented crashing algorithm!" -Reid S.

"Excellent product you have there" -Andrew S



"This Player kicks ASS!!! I hardly ever use my other programs, only for ripping my CDs. This one not only has the ability to overthrow winamp, it already HAS!!! This player has some great selections for visuals, the skins are cool, and hopefully some new one will come out. GREAT PLAYER!!" -Tom D., Oklahoma


Let us know what you think about UltraPlayer.



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