UltraPlayer is truly awesome...

Here's what professional software reviewers have to say about UltraPlayer:


"UltraPlayer is great... We will be watching this one with interest as it has what it takes to be No.1."

"UltraPlayer is simply, with lack of a better word, perfect. If you think it ain't gonna get better than winamp or sonique then you're absolutely wrong..."

"This is a definite keeper."

"UltraPlayer is probably the coolest-looking Windows player so far. It handles MP3, WMA, WAV, CD Audio, and Internet radio streams using the 'screaming-fast true-fidelity Neutrino(TM) MPEG audio decoder.' Customize with 'Deeply-Dynamic' skins, save to WAV, use the 10-band EQ, and more."


Let us know what you think about UltraPlayer.



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