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UltraCo launches free UltraPlayer™ MP3 Audio Software

Louisville, Colo., Feb. 15, 2000 - Colorado-based UltraCo Incorporated announced today the Beta release of its free UltraPlayer™ Audio Software featuring support for MP3, WAV, CD Audio, and Internet radio streams, using their highly efficient Neutrino™ MPEG audio decoder. (

The feature-packed music application includes a dual-mode, intuitive interface that allows users to play, build and manage playlists, tune to and record Internet radio streams, search for music, adjust levels with the Graphic-EQ, convert MP3s to WAV files, set the SmartAlarm™, and much more.

The UltraPlayer software uses a "deeply-dynamic" skin definition that provides a level of flexibility not found in other players limited by standard shapes, menus, or control arrangements. UltraSkins can be created with virtually any arrangement, which benefits the creative desires of users and the varied specifications and demands of commercial partners seeking an entirely unique-looking player.

The SmartAlarm feature lets users wake up or be lulled to sleep to their favorite songs with automated volume control. UltraPlayer also allows users to see their music come alive with visual plugins, including support for WildTangent™ ( interactive 3D-Visualizers. Users are encouraged to download additional audio/visual plugins and UltraSkins™ from the website or create their own for submission to the archives.

"The features in UltraPlayer enhance the listening experience in a way that stimulates demand for music and generates web traffic to our site or those of our partners. We also have an aggressive litany of features lined up for future upgrades to reward and retain customers." said UltraCo President, Andy Fanton.

The free UltraPlayer Audio Software can be downloaded at

About UltraCo:
Founded in 1999, UltraCo Incorporated ( is a leading developer of Internet music software and services for the online music market. UltraCo is a privately held corporation dedicated to equipping consumers with the best tools for enhancing their online music experience.


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