Ultra is a team of programmers, graphic designers, web developers, business types, testers, and sometimes a feisty neutered cat named Ophir. We all work 26 hours a day making fast, fun, easy-to-use software for playing digital music.

Our team cranks out the good stuff here in Louisville, Colorado, right between Boulder and Denver, and just a few miles from Mork and Mindy's house.

We eat, sleep and drink computers and music. In fact, a full 80 percent of us actually "play" musical instruments whenever possible, or at least try. None of us ever landed a "big recording contract," probably because we were always training for the chance to launch UltraPlayer.

We made UltraPlayer for ourselves, but it seemed selfish to keep it that way. So, we built this website to share our player with the planet. Give the UltraPlayer a whirl, and if you'd like to give Ultra a ring, our numbers are right down there.

2000 Press Releases- Contact Info-    
Feb. 15 - UltraCo launches free Audio Software
Mar. 23 - UltraPlayer Launches Ripper/Encoder.
May 2 - UltraPlayer Now Supports WMA.
June 1 - UltraPlayer Ver. 1.0 Released.
June 13 - UltraPlayer Forms Strategic Relations with Spacial Audio Solutions and Net Radio Promotions
July 26 - UltraPlayer Software Ranks Highest In Independent MP3 Audio Quality Tests
Sept. 5 - UltraPlayer 2.0 Adds Streaming Video to Popular Multimedia Software

UltraCo, Inc.
Phone: 303-255-5671

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