Advertise with BullsEyeTM Impressions in UltraPlayer
BullsEye targeted impression advertisements embedded in UltraPlayer provide a unique, powerful, and polite means of reaching our influential audience. BullsEye ads are presented briefly when UltraPlayer is launched and again each time a user changes modes on the player. Active users view an average of 4-5 BullsEye impressions and spend 44 minutes with UltraPlayer open per day. (2/15/2000-5/04/2000 stats)


BullsEye ads are superior to traditional banners because they…


Provide truly guaranteed impression counts
Reach users both on and offline
Are viewed during interaction with UltraPlayer, ensuring attention
Are inherently targeted at online music listeners
Can be targeted by zipcode, age, and gender
Yield higher click-thru rates


BullsEye Ad Specifications & Rates


Affordable CPM (depending on the quantity purchased)
Free creative work for first-time BullsEye campaigns
Free cross-promo banners on
217x162 JPG image, 30K or less, Not animated
View a Flash Demo.
Contact a marketing representative for further details


Check out some sample impression ads.


Cobranding UltraPlayer


Enable highly effective digital audio promotions using a custom co-branded UltraSkin. Our deeply dynamic skin technology allows us to create a user-interface for you that is more than skin-deep. We can design a completely custom player featuring your brand and logo. Promotions that require digital audio can be amplified by a stylish custom interface. You can also purchase exclusive BullsEye ad impressions to go with your custom UltraPlayer. Demo skins shown below, contact a marketing representative for more information about cobranding.


Toyota branded skin
by Kentium (click to enlarge)

Heineken branded skin
by Kentium (click to enlarge)


Sponsorships: Tuner & Search Channel Presets


Webcasters and content aggregators interested in increasing listener traffic can sponsor a link on the UltraPlayer “Tuner” or “Search” features. This is a great way to distinguish and highlight your service amongst the thousands of streamers and search-engines available on the Internet. You are effectively buying a channel-preset within UltraPlayer. Contact a marketing representative for more information about sponsorships.


Check out a screen cap of our Search and Tuner pages.


Traditional Web Banners


The website attracts a respectably high number of page-views due to the hundreds and hundreds of sites that link to our free software and the exploding popularity of digital audio applications in general. We strive to continuously add new features, skins, and audio/visual plugins to keep our users happy and the traffic flowing. UltraCo is interested in trading banner space on our site with selected strategic partners that can benefit from exposure to our visitors and bring in new users. Contact a marketing representative for more information about our banner ad program.


Additional demographic information for advertisers.


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